Lhasa to Lijiang Overland

Right: The lads at Rawok-tso

While at Drigung Til Monastery I met up with some guys who were keen to do a trip out of Tibet back into China overland. With that in mind we agreed to link up again in Lhasa and hammer out the details with the travel agency. And so (l-r) an Aussie an Israeli, an American and a Kiwi set out across the barren waste on a trip of a lifetime, dodging hairy yaks, the P.S.B. and landslides we made it through to Lijiang in Yunnan Province.

Left: Driver and Guide

Our guide for the trip was Sherrap, (left) a fantastic bloke who was able to think on his feet who helped make our trip that much better.

We encountered a few hazards compounded by the fact that what we were doing was in fact illegal. As none of us were really in a position to shell out for all the required permits, which would have driven the price of the trip through the roof, meant a few nervous moments whilst driving through checkpoints of which there were many. The general consensus was that paying a fine would be considerably cheaper than forking out for all the permits (not to mention delays getting all the paperwork sorted). Our vehicle sadly didn't make it all the way, a testament to the difficult winter conditions, altitude and rough state of Tibet's highways. The vehicle was clearly in difficulty and our driver had little choice but to detour to Chamdo for repairs while Sherrap organized transport through to Markham.

Below: Seven Days of mountains snow and sky.