Tibet: Tedrun Nunnery


Left: Tedrun Nunnery

As the elusive bus never materialised to take me back from Drigung to Lhasa I managed to catch a ride with some Tibetans who has come for the Sky Burial ritual. They had some ablutions to perform on the way home and so weren't in a great hurry which suited me. Our first stop was the Tedrun Nunnery.

Tedrun has some hot spings which are open to visitors. One of my companions looked like he hadn't had a bath in about a year. Not standing on ceremony he simply dropped his heavy Tibetan coat and took the plunge, stark naked. So there I found myself in a Nunnery bathing naked in a hot spring drinking beer, a bit unlikely perhaps but then we were in Tibet.

Right: Locals hanging out at Tedrun Nunnery

locals at Tedrun

The following day we carried on towards Lhasa stopping in a few other monasteries on the way. The young guy in the back with me chanted mantras the whole way. At Ganden we stopped for a bite, the Tibetans had brought their own food which they were happy to share with me. It was pretty basic fare, they brought out a sack containing meat on the bone, home made bread, cheese, yak butter, tea and tsampa. The cheese had no small amount of grit and hair in it, mere trivialities to Tibetans.

Yakety Yak, don't talk back!

In Tedrun I was reacquainted with a couple of guys I had met at Drigung who expressed an interst in travelling out of Tibet back into China overland. We exchanged contact details and agreed to hook up again in Lhasa to pool our resources and get a road trip organized.

It turned out to be an utterly amazing trip.