Right: Phitsanulok

The train took about 7 hours from Ayuthaya to Phitsanulok (a.k.a. "Phi'lok") A prosyletising farang was handing out pamphlets on the train espousing the word of God. I saw a monk reading one and shook my head. He giggled.

There are christians in Thailand (especially in the Hill tribe areas) though the vast majority of Thais are Buddhist (95%) with a sizeable muslim minority in the south.


Two things Thais do not treat lightly though are religion and the monarchy. The king is almost worshipped as a God and the crime of lese magesty can land you a prison sentence of up to seven years.

My hotel seemed to double as a brothel and as I came and went I would be propositioned "Meester, you want bam bam?" Not today girls.

Left: River life, Phitsanulok.

At one point I stumbled across a large outdoor karaoke bar and some pleasantly lubricated Thais invited me to joing them for food and drinks. Thais I found generally to be quite friendly and generous people, though at the same time there are a number of scam artists and petty thieves out to ruin your vacation.