Right: ancient ruins at Ayuthaya

Two hours north of Bangkok by train is the ancient Thai capital of Ayuthaya. The ruins of Phra Nakhon Si Ayuthaya (the sacred city of Ayuthaya) are impressive and make for a pleasant afternoon. There is also an elephant training camp nearby.

Ayuthaya was Thailand's capital from 1350 to 1767.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayuthaya

After paying the entry fee at the gate of one of the sites I was later hassled for not having a ticket (they didn't give me one). I flatly refused to pay again and the bloke went off to hassle some other tourists. Little scams like this were becoming par for the course. I also made the conscious decision to stop taking Tuk-tuks to the guesthouses as the drivers would never take you where you wanted to go, instead dropping you off in places where they get a commission (which gets added on to your bill of course). After couple of nights in Ayuthaya I took the train up to Phitsanulok.