Taitung County


Left: Taimali Coastline, Taitung.

Taitung is the third largest county in Taiwan occupying much of the lower eastern coast of Taiwan. Taitung is however sparsely populated owing to relative isolation and mountainous terrain.

Pop: 231,863 (Jan. 2009)
Area: 3,515.2526 km2

Taitung City is the only city in Taitung County and has a population of about 110,000. From Taitung City Green Island (Ludao) and Orchid Island (Lanyu) are accesible by air or ferries leaving from the nearby port of Fugang Yugang. Orchid Island is the ancestral home of the aboriginal Thao people. Just north of Fugang is Xiaoyeliu or "Little Yehliu" after the Yehliu Geological Park on the northern coast of Taiwan.

Other attractions in Taitung County include San Xian Tai, Ba Xian Dong and "Water Flowing Uphill" an optical illusion where the water appears to be doing the impossible.

The region is also popular for a number of hot spring resorts.

Right: Chenggong Fish Market, Taitung County.