Tainan City

Right: Sunflowers in bloom contrast with the city scene, Tainan South District

Pop. 725,000

Present day Tainan (literally, Southern Taiwan) is only the fourth largest city in Taiwan though in it's day it was a regional hub at the crossroads of civilizations. These days it has the reputation of a cultural centre.

Taoist ritual

The Dutch used Taiwan as a centre for their trading activities in China and Japan from 1624-1662. They were in turn routed by the Ming loyalist pirate Koxinga (Zheng Cheng Gong) who set up his government in exile in opposition to the Ching Dynasty. The Chings established control in 1683 and Tainan remained the capital of Taiwan right up until Japanese occupation in 1895 when the capital moved to Taipei. There are a number of relics around town of Tainan's often tumultuous and variegated history. The Anping district in particular has a number of sites associated with the Dutch occupation including the first paved streets in Taiwan.

The An Nan district has some spectacular temples including historic Luermen Temple and the enormous Holy Mother Temple (Sheng Mu Miao). Both are particularly worthwhile places to visit during the Lantern Festival. Also at Luermen Harbour is the site where Koxinga landed his forces prior to routing the Dutch.

Right: Chung Shan Park

Chung Shan Park

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