Right: Bangka, Sabang Beach, Palawan

From Manila we boarded a plane for Puerto Princesa on the Island of Palawan. I discovered my companions had more of a distaste of flying than I do and were liberally medicating themselves before each flight. I'm not so bad about flying though it does make me a mite nervous. I'm buggered if I can understand how the bloody things stay up there quite frankly but so far, by some quirk of fate I have remained unscathed.


I know Colin gives himself survival odds of about 50% each time he flies. Interestingly, he still opts for return fares. I'm a bit more optimistic but ain't natural.....hurtling through space on a hunk of that.....

Cups of tea on the verandah, Sabang, Palawan

After a night in Puerto Princesa we took a rather uncomfortable Jeepney ride to Sabang Beach. On arrival in Sabang, finding accomodation was a bit problematic, but a local chap called Noelie was quite happy to help out in that regard. He was quite helpful on occasion though seemed reluctant to accept any tips. We soon discovered that he was quite happy to accept San Miguel Beer however, our official sponsor in The Philippines.

Apparently a number of guest houses along the beach front had closed down following an audacious raid by Abu Sayaf (Islamic seperatists) a couple of years earlier in which a number of tourists were taken hostage. It seems to be on the way back now though. Sabang is reknowned for what is said to be the longest navigable underground river in the world. We investigated of course, and also got to see a few monitor lizards that inhabit the area. While in the cave we saw a good number of bats and were well advised to keep our mouths shut when gazing up at the ceiling. That is not water dripping down apon you from above!

Below: Monitor lizards   Right: Subterranean River, Sabang