Vieng Phoukha - Huay Xai

Rocket Festival, Muang Sing

From Muang Sing I caugh a sangthaew back to Luang Nam Tha and continued on to Vieng Phoukha. My visa was just about up and I was basically just delaying the inevitable, a night in Vieng Phoukha and a night in Huay Xai before crossing the river to Thailand at Chiang Khong. There's not much in Vieng Phoukha though the town has recently opened up for trekking expeditions. I was just looking for a quiet stop during my exodus from Laos. My room was pretty basic, not even a fan, so it was a bit of a sticky night.

rocket festival

Shortly after arriving I sat down at a restaurant at the edge of the market and ordered sweet and sour fish and a Beerlao. Having a paying customer roll in the proprietress sent her kid off to collect some beer (which would have to be consumed warm, no electricty until evening!) while she crossed the road to procure some fish.

I thumbed down a bus the next day for the rest of the journey into Huay Xai. People generally come to Huay Xai to take a slow boat down river to Luang Prabang (earmarked this one for a later trip) or to cross the border into Thailand. Prices are noticeably higher in Huay Xai, largely because supplies more often than not come in from Thailand. The next day I made the crossing, caught a bus on to Chiang Rai and the next day an overnight bus down to Bangkok. Another memorable trip completed but yet more reasons to return.