Si Phan Don - Don Khon

Right: Wat, Don Khon, Si Phan Don Province.

During my stay on Don Khong I made one excursion to a neighbouring Island (Don Kon) where you can observe a waterfall on the Mekong River. It's more like a set of rapids than a true waterfall but nonetheless impressive. On Don Khon is the remains of a railroad built by the French during the colonial era. It connects Don Kon to the neighbouring island Don Det, and is in fact the only railroad ever built in Laos.


Neighbouring Don Det is the popular backpacking destination in Si Phan Don. Down river, the larger Don Khong where I stayed is a bit quieter. After I was suitably rested in the idyllic surrouns of Si Phan Don I headed south for the border with Cambodia

Below Left: French locomotive   Right: Waterfall on the Mekong.

locomotiveMekong waterfall