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Much of the following information is out of date. With the upcoming Olympic Games officials have been a lot more strict about entry requirements. Currently the visa is good for 30 days entry only and costs $32 (U.S. passport $110). It may be possible to extend the visa once inside China. Recently persons wishing to apply for tourist visas for the People's Republic of China have been asked to provide evidence of confirmed hotel bookings and onward tickets.

"The journey of a thousand leagues
began with what lay beneath the feet."
Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

Entrance to the Shenzhen area is possible with a visa picked up at the border, but this visa is valid only for a few days for most nationalities. Guangzhou PSB says that you can get one-month tourist visas on arrival at Guangzhou East by train from HK. CTS just inside the Chinese side on the land crossing from Macau will sell you a three-month tourist visa in about 30 mins for prices similar to those obtainable in HK (take one photo) and even a six month multiple entry F visa if you are willing to hang about for an hour or so.

At CTS (China Travel Service), 3-month visas counting from day of application as follows -

single entry double entry apply pick up
HK$ 210 HK$ 350 before 2pm after 4:30 on 3rd working day
HK$ 410 HK$ 50 before 2pm after 4:30 on 2nd working day
HK$ 580 HK$ 720 before 9:30am after 2pm same day
HK$ 580 HK$ 720 before 2pm after 6:00pm same day

US passport holders pay an additional fee. The above schedule may vary a little for branches located out of the centre of town. You may check addresses of branches at


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