Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

The rugby sevens in Hong Kong is an event I've been meaning to get to for some time and fortunately some of the Tainan touch rugby crowd were also keen. I left with Johnny (Australia) and Caleb and Leon (South Africa) and we met up with Hercules (yes, that really is his name) over there. We got to the stadium in time to watch the women's final in which the NZ beat Australia netting me NT$100 from Johnny, thanks a lot girls!

It's a hell of an event and one that the faithfull must endevour to participate in at leat once in their lives. Hong Kong is a busy place at the best of times but over the weekend of the sevens it fills right up and the whole town has a carnival atmosphere. Everyone was there, Elvis, the Pope (JP II that is....) even Darth Vader. There was in fact a whole army of Elvises (Elvi?). I had thought of the sevens as a "once in a lifetime" kind of thing but I had so much fun it's likely I'll be back at some point.

The others went back on the Sunday but I had a few days to kill and was keen to pick up a digital camera, as I had recently lost my treasured SLR (Nikon FM10). My new toy has served me well, it's a Fuji Finepix S7000 and takes 6.3MP shots (A3 size). I'm very peased with it.

Travels in Asia Public Service Warning:

One cannot stress this point too strongly. There are still sharks in those waters. In fact HK is a good place to pick up said items but stick to areas like Mongkok and avoid the little stores nearer the waterfront on Nathan Rd. You might think you're getting a bargain but these guys will stiff you. Yes, they saw me coming, my credit card was out of my hand and into their little machine so fast that I hardly had a chance to blink.

Then came the sting, you'll need these accessories.......When I got back to my room I realised that the camera wasn't really what I had wanted anyway and the sales talk had been basically a pack of lies. Alarm Bells should have rung when he asked me how much I knew about digital cameras. "Umm, not too much actually...." He then proceded to tell me it was a 6MP camera when in fact it was only 3MP (even though it says 6 on the box - misleading advertising).

The next day I went back and tried to do some damage control and ultimately got some satisfaction when they let me out with a better camera for an additional HK$1,000. At the end of the day I got a camera that I am very happy with and ultimately it was still cheaper than it would have cost in Taiwan though I could have got it cheaper. Bottom line.....Don't even set foot in those places, those guys are good!